Keeping You And Us Safe

We have invested in equipment and also improved and redesigned our protocols to help to keep you and us safe during these unprecedented times. Here is some of what we have implemented:

  • Stringent pre-appointment health checks by phone and by email.
  • Have put systems in place that enable you to fill out your pre-appointment forms from the comfort of your own home.
  • Remote dental triage appointments.
  • Redesigned our patient journey (for more information please click here).
  • Covid Vaccination of team members.
  • Daily Temperature and symptoms checks on arrival for both patients and team members.
  • Following universal cross-infection prevention guidelines which have been improved even further.
  • Regular cleaning of communal surfaces and areas throughout the day.
  • Cleaning of the entire practice every evening by a cleaning company that is up-to-date with COVID cleaning protocols for the dental setting.
  • Ensuring good air circulation throughout the practice through ventilation protocols.
  • Instillation of air purification units in each surgery. These units have been specifically designed for the dental environment to purify the air via a 5-stage filtration process which also includes UVC technology.
  • Instillation of air extraction units in each surgery to ensure good air circulation and air quality.
  • Medicated pre-treatment mouthwash designed to help to reduce pathogens in the mouth.
  • Improved wide angle suction tubes, thereby enabling even better removal of aerosols during dental procedures.
  • Wearing of advanced personal protective equipment for dental treatment.
  • Use of rubber dam during aerosol generating procedures.