Burneston Dental Patient Journey

Keeping you safe while experiencing high quality dentistry. 

For us at Burneston Dental, your safety and wellbeing have always been of paramount importance. We have therefore made changes to our patient journey to adapt to current circumstances. We have always upheld very high standards of cross infection control. With the emergence of COVID-19 we have now taken these standards to new heights. This is our new patient journey “inspired” by COVID-19.


Before Your Visit 

A member of our team will be contacting you to perform a personalised risk assessment to get a better understanding of what arrangements your procedure may require.

You will receive an email prior to your appointment which will ask you to complete the forms you used to fill out at reception. You will also be asked to complete a COVID questionnaire. The email will contain a video to guide you through the process. If you have any questions at this stage, then please contact us.

Whenever possible we will process payment for your treatment over the phone.

For those of you who do not have access to email, you will be still able to fill out your forms on a tablet in reception.


On the Day of Your Visit

Please ensure that you have been to the bathroom, are well hydrated and have brushed your teeth before arriving at the practice. We would ideally like to limit the use of the bathroom as much as possible.

Please ensure you bring a facemask or face-covering with you. We will be asking you to wear it while you are in the practice.

We have disinfected pens available for you should you need to provide a signature. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing your own pen, then please do so.

Please only arrive with essential items and leave the rest at home or in your car. We will be asking you to place your belongings in a box that will be kept outside the treatment room.

Please come to your appointment on your own unless you need an accompanying person.

The front door will be locked so we can operate safely.  Once you have arrived at the practice please wait in your car or outside in our garden. Please let us know that you have arrived by calling us at the practice. We will then invite you to enter the practice when we are ready to receive you.

Should you not have access to a mobile phone, please come to the front door and ring the bell or signal to us through the front window, making us aware that you have arrived.


Entering The Practice

On entering the practice please ensure you have your facemask or face-covering on.

Our team members will be wearing a different outfit than you are used to, which may include a visor and gown.

One of our team members will take your temperature with an infrared contactless thermometer.

You will be offered some hand sanitiser which we would like you to use.

We will again ask you a few questions to establish your COVID status.

We will ask you to put any belongings into a box which will be left outside the treatment room.

The practice may appear bare to enable us to carry out deep cleaning with ease.

Please adhere to social distancing rules while you are in the building.


Treatment Room

You will be welcomed by your dentist who will be wearing different personal protective equipment (PPE) than you are used to.

We will offer you some hand sanitiser which we would like you to use.

We will ask you to rinse your mouth with a special mouth rinse for about one minute.

At the end of the procedure we will ask you to put your face mask back on and sanitise your hands before leaving the treatment room.

You will then be asked to leave the practice by the main entrance at reception or a side entrance.