Burneston Dental’s Five must-haves for an Electric Toothbrush

1) Electric Toothbrush head with medium/soft bristles

Good examples of these are: Oral-B Sensi Ultrathin Toothbrush Heads or the Philips Sonicare Pro Results Sensitive Brush Heads.

2) Pressure sensor

It is vital that the electric toothbrush that you choose has a pressure sensor. Electric toothbrushes are much more powerful at cleaning teeth. But they can also cause more damage to gums and teeth if too much pressure is applied. A pressure sensor in an electric toothbrush is a must in our opinion. They will help to avoid that too much pressure is applied. Some of the pressure sensors make a noise, others make the toothbrush stop.

3) Timer

If no timer is available, then we recommend using a two-minute egg timer.

4) Rechargeable

We prefer the models that are sealed units and that can be easily recharged rather than the ones where batteries need to be changed.

5) Brushing modes

The manufacturers of electric toothbrushes are bringing out models with more and more brushing modes. A lot of these modes are according to our experience gimmicky and have no real benefit. This is especially true with the so called “whitening mode”. From our experience this has no real “whitening effect” and is not significantly different to the “normal” mode. One mode we would possibly advise having is the “sensitive” mode. This mode normally has less power than the “normal” mode and can be useful for more delicate/sensitive gums/teeth.

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