CLINIPAD – Dental Reception goes digital


We have recently changed to an electronic means of updating your medical history and contact details. This will now be done on a tablet. It is a legal requirement to update/check your contact details and medical history every 6 months. As you can imagine this leads to a lot of paper wastage. We decided to change to the CLINIPAD for two main reasons;

  1. It is more environmentally friendly by cutting down on paper wastage.
  2. It is much more secure as your details are sent straight to the main computer where they are stored. Only staff members can access these records. No information is stored on the CLINIPAD itself.

The first time you use the CLINIPAD it will take a bit longer as all your information will need to be entered. Our reception team will be on hand to help you. Once this is done the information will only need to be confirmed at subsequent visits. This will go much quicker.

If you prefer to still use the paper version then we can of course still supply you with this. As with everything new, it sometimes takes a bit of time to get used to it. Our reception team will be on hand to help you with the CLINIPAD in-case you have any questions. The CLINIPAD is a great step towards more secure and environmentally friendly records.