Many of the children that we see at Burneston Dental are too young to recognise the importance of good oral hygiene and diet. We prefer to work closely with parents to explain about oral disease and how to prevent it.




Dental phobias often start in childhood and can have a bad influence on feelings towards ‘the dentist’ throughout a person’s life. The worst scenario is for the first experience to be a frightening session of dealing with toothache.


Preventative treatments
for children include fissure sealants and fluoride varnish or gel application. We provide tooth-coloured fillings if it’s necessary to fill a hole, and always try to include some educational instructions to help your child grow up understanding how to take the best possible care of their teeth.



Regular dental examinations from an early age (around 18months-2years) are a great way to help familiarise your child with the sights, sounds and smells of a dental surgery. Even if it’s just a ride in the chair or a tiny peek with a mirror and a wave of the ‘wand’, every experience should be a positive one, rewarded with praise and that all-important sticker! 
Using fun and happy words when talking about visiting the dentist will
help a lot. 
If parents are registered with us, their children are routinely seen by us under the NHS – meaning that regular check-ups and treatment is free until the age of 18. NHS charges apply from that birthday, but we are happy to continue NHS visits until the age of 21(for those still in full-time education).


If a child needs orthodontic treatmentto straighten up wonky crooked teeth, we refer to local orthodontic specialists for this. Many young patients have sufficient problems to qualify for their orthodontic treatment to be done under the NHS – there are strict guidelines for this, for which the specialists carry out the assessments.


We can provide custom-made sports mouthguards in fun and vibrant colours (not under NHS) to protect against any untoward damage. Teeth are vulnerable and may quite easily get broken when playing various sports- a situation which can cause much distress.