How hard do you play the game?

DSC_0945 If you play contact sports, whatever the age, it is advisable to wear a professionally made mouthguard. At Burneston Dental we will be happy to make you a custom made sports mouthguard which will fit your mouth exactly and protect your teeth and gums properly. Sports mouthguards  can help to protect against damage to the teeth and tooth loss. Mouthguards can also help safeguard against serious injuries such as jaw fractures, cerebral haemorrhage, concussion and neck injuries by helping to avoid situations where the lower jaw jams into the upper jaw. By keeping soft tissue in the mouth away from teeth, mouthguards help prevent cutting and bruising of lips, tongue and cheeks.

In order to make a custom mouthguard, our dentists will take a set of impressions, which are then sent to one our trusted laboratories where the mouthguard will be made. When it is ready the finished article is sent back to the practice. At the fitting appointment the mouthguard will be checked and possibly some small but important adjustments will be made by the dentist.



You can individualize your mouthguard by choosing colour combinations to suit your style and personality, or your team colours, the choices are endless. Customized mouthguards are generally a much better fit than ones that can be purchased over the counter. The better the fit, the better the protection. 


In many cases sports mouthguards themselves are not sufficient to help to prevent head and neck injuries caused by a heavy blow but it is a vital part of protective sports gear. It is best to consult a professional sports coach to be as safe a possible. 




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