Five Factors to consider when choosing a Toothbrush

1) Toothbrush Head

We have found that that small toothbrush heads are generally better and more efficient in cleaning teeth than large ones. The reason for this is that small toothbrush heads enable the user to reach all areas of the mouth especially the sides of molars (teeth right at the back of the mouth). Sometimes a child sized toothbrush head is better for an adult. It all depends on the individuals mouth. We have not found that the shape of the toothbrush head has any significant effect on their efficiency. We recommend that the toothbrush heads are replaced every 3 months or sooner if they show wear and tear.

2) Toothbrush Bristles or filaments

We find that most patients think the harder the bristles are the better they are for brushing their teeth. This is generally not true. Hard bristles can often cause damage/are abrasive to teeth and gums. We would recommend either medium or soft bristles.At the practice we recommend the Curaprox Ultra soft range of manual toothbrushes both for adults and also for Children. These are toothbrushes that do not have the traditional bristles but have patented filaments. These filaments are gentle to your teeth and gums but are still are very efficient at cleaning your teeth.We also normally recommend soft/medium toothbrush heads for electric toothbrushes.

3) Power

The advertising agencies want us to believe that electric toothbrushes are always better than manual toothbrushes. We do agree that electric toothbrushes are generally more efficient than the manual variants as they “do the work for you”. But we would not give a blanket recommendation for them. There are situations where we would recommend a manual toothbrush over an electric toothbrush. Please click here to find out about more about Burneston Dental’s Five must-haves for Electric Toothbrushes.


4) Brushing Technique

We have found that the correct brushing technique is as important, if not even more important than the type of toothbrush used.  Please click here to find out about a great way to brush your teeth.

5) Dexterity

There are some people who have difficulty with dexterity. In these situations we would definitely recommend electric toothbrushes.


We cannot stress enough that no toothbrush replaces flossing or the use of interdental brushes. As much as the companies may want to convince you that their toothbrushes do everything…. From our experience they do not contribute significantly to interdental cleaning.

There is no one universal toothbrush that is good for everyone. It’s always best to discuss your toothbrush choice with one of our dentists or hygienists. They can then assess your mouth and recommend the most appropriate toothbrush.

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