ICON… is this the end of drilling and filling?

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At Burneston Dental we have a preventative approach to dentistry. We are always keeping up to date with the newest advances in dentistry. We are now proud to introduce ICON!


What is ICON:


  •  a revolutionary product which was nominated and won the “German Innovation Prize”


  •  a material that can prevent the progression of dental caries and thereby prevent the need for conventional fillings!


  • can also be used to remove white and brown spots from teeth which normally needed invasive methods to be removed. These area of discolouration are very often unsightly and cause the individual great distress. By using this new product (sometimes used in conjunction with Tooth Whitening) we can now remove/reduce these white and brown spots.( See case below).


  • can be used to remove the marks on teeth that are sometimes left behind from wearing braces.  These marks are often caused by demineralisation of parts of the tooth due to poor oral hygiene while wearing the braces.


  • usually requires NO injections and NO drilling!


Icon - Burneston Dental, Dentist in Guildford

Before treatment

Icon - Burneston Dental, Dentist in Guildford

After treatment


At Burneston dental we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Please click here to find out more about ways you can protect your teeth.

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